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An Introduction to Classical Literature   A Memorial   Program Development: Aesthetics through the Classical Masterpiece 

 Ironies about the Magna Carta   Analyzing Victor Hugo's Les Années Funeste



Having won numerous literary awards and excellent commentary for my role as Nancy Lee Faulkner in Ayn Rand's Night of January 16 (published in England during 1933-36), I began in 1970 to student teach and tutor English literature and writing skills in Santa Cruz County California to students who have subsequently achieved excellent scores in English and who have acquired substantial jobs. During the '70s, I managed the writing of a purchase order for the Stanford University Department of Language Arts because my counselors and drama-journalism instructors had always valued my work; in fact, for my SAT Math scores alone, I was advised to attend Stanford. My purpose is to assist you in composing and proof-reading letters, research projects, and other miscellaneous work. Evaluate some of my work for yourself; profoundly original !  Enlighten yourself with Reading Treasures 

Promoting Education, Culture, Diplomacy--Peace; Schedule an appointment for tutoring, instruction, and/or editing; Art & Literature (Epic Quality),  a  novel comic book:

Literary, Rhetorical Terms and Functions;Review Grammar, Syntax,Analyses of Literature Resume, background Gondolier Tones

Recommended: Test of English for International Communication: TOEIC Prep- and TOEIC Preparation -- 684 TOEIC Vocabulary Tests Online 

(Of course, I have experience grading exams and editing/publishing the work of other talented writers)

 Lessons: How may the Galilean Conflict pertain to Supernaturalism, Epiphanies, Mummers' Plays, Masques, catharsis, hubris

Causes for knowledge, technologies, arts, sciences of Copernicus, Galileo, Averoes, Socrates, Plato, the first Academy (http://www.greece.org/parthenon/marbles)

Imparting classical style, Amos Dudley Seward and associates have extended appreciation for Confucianism, inherent values that Ancient Mason forefathers have preserved, e.g., at Harvard. 

Calculus ReviewAn Introduction to Classical Literature and examples of current Creative Writing:                       

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 Having completed a B.A./Credential in English Literature (1991), an M.A. in Education (2012), and a substitute teaching permit: Arising Ode: http://www.scribd.com/doc/34746641/Aesthetics-and-Universality-in-Perspective   


fine music of SeraphimGold on YouTube

    Cynthia Gallagher

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Please note that I do not support immoral dysfunction projected on helpless misrepresented brothers and sisters; as I observe such pathos, vulgarities, profanities where should prevail but compassion, wisdom, wonderful occupation I invite you, please, to join me to assist our neighbors in cleaning society.





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Preserving the incentive, strategic perfection of my Ancestors, the late Engineers Virgil, Lester Ready with William Think of Confucius, the Amphitheater,

   Patent History extensive (Ancient) Mason, Oddfellows;  the First Academy, Twelfth Night








Baudelaire, Charles d'Orléans

Lessons: Supernaturalism, Epiphanies,

Mummers' Plays, Masques, catharsis, hubris





Victor Marie Hugo

 ARP Presentation Regarding GRE Concerns

Get your own at Scribd or explore others;

  Representing profound  Victorian-Medieval Coat-of-Arms                  

 recounting William the Conqueror, Charlemagne,

 and the Holy Roman Empire, 1066 ... 

The Crusades have not

actually declined in essence...profound polemics...pertinent theses        

             original illustrations   3brutalBrimstone.jpg (644031 bytes)  

    Infinite lyrical excerpts Customized Workspace--South of the Border

    William Edward & Martha (Seward) Ready.jpg (189510 bytes)

William Edward & Martha Ready (Daughter of Amos Dudley Seward), in memory of 


gondolier, prismatic luster; 



Bibliographic Sources   more than 1000 pages:  Commendable sequences of elegant, illustrated Sonnets, Sapphics +

1: through Barnes and Noble; 2: also through Barnes and Noble: Short stories, including Potomac's Ombre Pearls --ISBN:  0595180082   Quetzal in Burgundy [Toltec masks];  embers Gold of a Lion included -- ISBN:  0595197353    WebQuest

Including a valuable Study Guide: a dialectic approach to Transcendence; Celestial Consciousness; Transformation. Ponder the intrigue of Contemporary Epic, Enlightening Wonder

Enjoy a profound and captivating out-of-print volume of Victor Marie Hugo, original French text aside a most dramatically stirring translation that  includes original illustrations -- > esoteric work of Hugo unavailable virtually anywhere else in the United States

Supernatural nostalgia:  Voices of the dead--Chapel of Memories, of Chimes, Memories so Gothic cultivating Mystics, Harmony; PROFOUNDLY ORIGINAL: more Sonnets (of Universal proportion) than Shakespeare did produce !!!

 Aristophanes wasn't born yesterday.  Ancient themes are bound to evoke a memorial roar, the complexities and displacement of the Parthenon Frieze. 


  Acropolis fields Wonders, beams by stars

Resounding light commands 'round veiling land,

Arising weightless, awesome grand - beamed stand,

Wakes endless, Saturn, Zoroaster, Mars ! 

Yet Colosseum fragments, wars leave scars

...the Panorama melts ... to gray -- haze - band --

the scrolling leaf of Socrates' demand --

spun shield, resilient samite, twilights' tsars,

The scribes of Plato wage reviving page,

still scintillating mining shapes as cyclops

in Eleusinian Mystery, vining Sage

Kaleidoscopic roams ... Aesop  leaf - drops


  Normandy Shrouds

River Wye does wend grand tower walls

Of limestone embers Gray like sullen clouds;

Of sandstone russet, aging mortal falls

A vision, plight, Crusades, still Norman shrouds

In airs of grandeur, mighty Gatehouse Great

To times of yore -- through borders Romanesque

Through souvenirs of Norman hand, blazed slate,

Defeatless gateways, sawtooth carvings stare

Traced enigmatic falcons, masks wound Arabesque

Olussa's prime triremes yet visions bear


Please submit your response about the concept of freemasonry

Self-Management Questionnaire  Ongoing NEA Grant Proposal


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